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the fluctuating particle) Such phase space is the plane, evolution of system corresponds to continuous change of coordinate and speed, and the point representing a condition of system moves on a phase trajectory (rice 17 Phase trajectories of such pendulum (linear harmonious the oscillator which fluctuates without attenuation, ellipses represent

At fluctuations of a support he can start jumping from one hole in another after commission of fluctuations in one of holes. Periodic fluctuations with a certain frequency cause fluctuations with a wide range of frequencies

So significantly the structure of a current becomes complicated and at the same time its internal orderliness increases. It is not that disorder which was available in an equilibrium state. Significantly character of Brownian motion of particles changes, turbulence affects absorption and dispersion of electromagnetic and sound waves. For example, photos of distribution of the light wave which passed through turbulent liquid fix spots like the interferential picture corresponding to focuses and caustics which arise in a light bunch.

So, in a bifurcation point the behavior of system "branches", becomes ambiguous. At achievement of the third bifurcation there comes the condition of dynamic chaos which hides internal orderliness. The problem of clarification of conditions of emergence of an order from chaos became on the agenda in the future century. According to Wheeler, it is a task number of one modern science.