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Considering great importance of registration of cold appetizers, it is necessary to sort the general principles of registration at the beginning of a subject. It is useful to make an album of reproductions of still lifes, compositions which are made of foodstuff to show to pupils as, using a natural color of products, it is possible to receive remarkable color combinations.

Telling 4 Qualitative requirements, conditions and terms of realization about green salads, it is necessary to specify that green vegetables contains the substances strengthening and doing by more elastic the walls of vessels influencing digestion.

In technical training colleges enters a problem of training acquisitions by the pupil as the special knowledge necessary for the worker of certain professions, and general education. It is reflected in curricula and programs, textbooks and other grants.

Sorting value of cold dishes and snack in food, it is not necessary to be limited only to the characteristic of a chemical composition and nutrition value, but also it is necessary to show also a specific role them in food.

These tendencies have to find reflection and it is aware of cookery. First, it is necessary to use more widely knowledge of physics, chemistry, mathematics and other disciplines for an explanation of the phenomena which they face on production, and for justification of the technological modes. So, justification of ways of thawing of fish should be conducted with ideas of the theory of diffusion. On a subject thermal treatment of products is taken away only 3 hours. Therefore in this section it is necessary to acquaint pupils only with the main processes happening at thermal treatment, and it is necessary to deepen this knowledge in all subsequent subjects.