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Development of country (farmer) farms, personal subsidiary farms of citizens is carried out on the principle of equality of all forms of ownership and managing in the formed multistructure economy of agrarian and industrial complex.

Improvement of intra-branch proportions – optimization of structure of plant growing, animal husbandry, dairy, meat, and also some other types of processing industry, optimization of structure of production of grain,, meat, etc.

The branches providing bringing agricultural production to the consumer (preparation, processing of agricultural production, its storage, transportation and realization). Enter their number: food, meat, dairy, fish, flour-grinding, the formula-feed, and also light industry working at agricultural raw materials, trade in foodstuff.

Farmlands in the Republic occupy 44,9%, from them an arable land-30 of % of total area. Per capita 0,9 hectares of farmlands, including 0,6 hectares of an arable land are necessary. The most fertile are the loamy soils occupying 25,7% of the area of an arable land. Also quite good agronomical properties the sandy soils spread by loams have. In the agricultural enterprises of 29,2% of lands it is reclaimed, from them 28,2% are drained, is irrigated 1,1%.

Produktovo - the raw structure of agrarian and industrial complex includes a food complex and a complex of nonfoods. The food complex includes subcomplexes: zernoproduktovy, kartofeleproduktovy, beet sugar, plodoovoshchekonservny, vodka, meat, dairy, oil and fat. The complex of nonfoods includes the following subcomplexes: fodder, textile, tanning, fur, etc.