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Presently, when problems of safety of work stand behind the computer as it is impossible sharply, there is a set of various standards on ecological safety of the equipment of the personal computer. The modern monitor has to conform at least to three standard standards of safety and ergonomics:

The repeating actions lead to accumulation of products of disintegration in muscles. These products also cause painful feelings. It is very difficult to prevent the repeating movements of brushes and palms during the work on the computer, however regular breaks and exercises on extension of muscles can prevent PVPN and PTVRK.

During the work it is best of all to sit in front of the computer 2,5 cm above, than usually. Ears have to settle down precisely in the plane of shoulders. Shoulders have to settle down precisely over hips. The head needs to be held exactly in relation to both shoulders, the head should not bend to one shoulder. At a look down, the head has to be precisely over a neck, but not bend forward. More detailed description of the organization of a workplace is below.

It is necessary also that the monitor had possibility of adjustment of parameters of the image (brightness, contrast, etc.). It is recommended that during the work with the computer the frequency of vertical development of the monitor was not lower 75gts (thus the user ceases to notice blinking of the image which conducts to fast getting tired of eyes).

The line of shoulders is located not precisely over the line of hips and under the line of ears. Stoop causes excessive load of humeral sinews that leads to tension of muscles of a shoulder. Stoop can lead to development:

Let's call the exercises offered here "erg-exercises" (ErgErcises). Erg-uprazhneniya increase endurance and efficiency of work of the user of the computer. They can be carried out at any time and any place. Erg-uprazhneniya are simple, do not draw to themselves attention and take not enough time. They can be carried out in breaks on coffee, speaking by phone or expecting at a bus stop. They help the person to keep a fine physical shape and imperceptibly become a natural way of performance of work - healthy and painless.

Densely to close eyes hands so that did not pass light through them. Watch thus that landing was convenient. Special attention - on a back and a neck, they have to be direct and weakened. Having closed eyes, to try to see absolutely black color before eyes. It will work well not at once, most likely, constantly there will be color strips, rombik and blots. The color will be more black, the eyes are relaxed better. Many people with weak short-sightedness can achieve a complete recovery of sight right after performance of this exercise.

EPA Energy Star VESA DPMS - according to this standard the monitor has to support three energy saving modes - expectation (stand-by), a suspension (suspend) and "dream" (off). Such monitor at long idle time of the computer is transferred to the corresponding mode, with low energy consumption.

That work was comfortable and safe it is necessary to take care of the computer hardware. As a rule, nabolshy harm to health of the user of the computer is done by devices of input-output: monitor, keyboard, mouse.

Muscles of a back, neck and stomach support vertical position of a body. They have to receive the blood supply sufficient to provide vertical position of the head and a direct back during the day. Strong muscles help to keep a correct posture during longer periods of time and increase efficiency of work.

Significant factor is a table-top under space. Height of our tables conforms to the standard standards, and makes 74 cm. It is also necessary to consider that spaces under a chair and a table has to be enough that it was convenient to bend and unbend knees.