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the hunting liking to have a good time. Soon in the wood there are two hunting lodges – "shout" and "". "Shout" and is remembered now by many. In a forest thicket of Old Silvia there was this first construction of Pavlovsk – the forest izba put from big oak logs.

From the main facade of the palace cut through a wide glade. Soon it was surrounded with lindens which kroner were carefully trapped in the form of spheres, and decorated with lawns with a tape of flower beds. Four rows of lindens formed Threefold

It is the big light hall with a high vaulted ceiling and huge semi-circular windows. In the plan he repeats a soft bend of gallery. Outside of an arch of window openings as if lean on columns of gallery, forming uniform graphic drawing on a facade. And the modelled decor and the marble sculpture placed in the depth of gallery as if merge with the wide arcades, elegant ladders and colonnades written to Gonzago on the wall plane.

the avenue – smart entrance to the palace. The middle, wide part intended for carriages and crews, and two on the parties, a pouzha - for pedestrians. But interest in regular planning and cut trees died away. And lindens, which already

The rivers of the Slav and the park round the palace, is created a big star, and separate sites of the wood turn in hunting grounds are arranged well. It was the beginning of creation of architectural and art ensemble of Pavlovsk. The main construction and the center of this ensemble – the Big palace (1782-17 It costs on the high hill and as if reigns over

(styukky), original marble statues grow white. Windows of the top lobby, big dvukhstrotchaty doors to the Italian hall and what conduct in next Greek, are located on one axis with the Threefold lime Avenue. When you look at it.

The palace the palace is turned by the southern facade towards Own garden created by Cameron as Dutch with a small network of paths and beds of strictly symmetric planning. Calculated on perception at a short distance, the facade is deprived of large architectural partitioning. On a quiet smooth surface of a wall only the wide tape of a modelled frieze and elegant windows of the second floor placed in small deepenings is allocated and

the colonnade supporting a dome rises. Clarity of partitioning, accurate quiet lines, harmony of proportions create feeling of surprising integrity and harmony. The threefold lime avenue brings to the smart yard, in which center

on their parties the put maples, birches, oaklets rose. The old wood became lighter, more joyful. Inhabitants of the palace and their guests often came here on cheerful picnics. Wide and direct, convenient for walks in carriages and astride, paths receive unusual names – "The young groom", "The red good fellow",

among greens there is a cold bath. This small pavilion differs simply decisions. The building consists of two architectural volumes: a high rotunda with a dome and the construction adjoining it, rectangular in the plan, with a dvukhskatny roof. There was a swimming bath with the round pool and the room for rest.

divided into four marches, with big ledges on the parties. On the lower platform it is stood by two pig-iron lions who grinned as if ready will rush on the uninvited visitor. Above the ladder is guarded by marble lions. Having turned the heads, they as if watch all passing leave. For illusion creation

paths and green walls of a high cut bush. There are a lot of flowers. Since early spring to the late fall their aroma attracts passing on the Threefold lime avenue. The labyrinth which decayed in the 18th century due to the lack of leaving

The open-air cage – hen house. It is the big park area in style of classicism. Strongly extended rectangular one-storeyed building in the plan consists of three architectural volumes, identical by the sizes: the central – with the acting portico and a dome and two lateral which are connected to it through galleries.

And though planning of the central case remains former, in many cases nature of finishing changes. Thin refinement of kameronovsky interiors was replaced by heavy splendor which was betrayed to them by Brenna who applied