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Initial inspection is performed for the first time. The scene and all objects completely. Initial survey, as a rule, the is effective as the situation does not manage to undergo essential changes yet. The essence of initial survey does not change if before arrival of a the scene was a subject of survey of the commission (for example, the inspection of the scene on cases of violation of safety measures performed by the inspector of labor union with drawing up the conclusion).

The tactical features providing comprehensiveness and completeness of their research are inherent in each of the listed types of review. The most widespread and difficult is inspection of the scene. Therefore rules and policy strokes of survey in the are considered in relation to this look. that they can be applied and to other types osmotra.0

At survey of the district, adjacent to the house, on a kitchen garden, among potatoes beds, some traces of hoofs of a horse were revealed; any traces of a cartage. On August 26 in the middle of the day passed a rain and as traces of horse hoofs were fresh, not damaged, it was possible to assume that they are left in the second half of day on August 26.

0smotr subjects and documents, at inspection of the scene, dredging or a search, is an independent type of survey if the investigator in detail studies them not on a detection place, and on consequence place of production. In the protocol of investigative action in the course of which the subject or the document is withdrawn, ­ the signs and the fact of withdrawal individualizing them, and in the protocol of survey of a subject or the document — results of survey.

Proceeding from character of the enterprises located in the territory it is necessary to reveal persons who can be attracted as experts at an, and previously instruct them.

The creative relation of the investigator to survey of a place of a, need of manifestation of an initiative from its not only do not exclude, but, on the contrary, assume development of certain basic tactical rules of a of this investigative action.

Unfortunately, in legal literature there is no point of view that it is necessary to carry to tactical of separate investigative actions. So, for example, P. I. Tarasov-Rodionov wrote that to observe the tactical inspection of the scene — it means:

Value of inspection of the scene as one of the major initial investigative actions, is also that it is irreplaceable and unique action. It cannot be replaced with any other investigative actions, even in the presence of eyewitnesses of the occurred event which indications can never be so as direct perception. At survey professional research, perception of by the witness, as a rule, is made has customary character. In this sense survey cannot recognize indications of specified persons equivalent.

Inspection of the scene is unique in the sense that in a case poor or out of time survey to fill missed almost never ­, as if carefully secondary survey was not made subsequently

In prosecutor's offices of the small cities and areas on a scene the investigator serving a site leaves. In this case the investigator has to organize so the working and free time that at any time he was able to arrive to a scene.