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It would seem, considering positive results of initial activity NAPHTHA, its influences on development of economies of member countries, the idea of expansion should not have met obstacles in a way to implementation, but in the USA it nevertheless had a number of opponents. The part of conservatives supported preservation of trade barriers to protection of some blapriyatstvuyemy branches and the employees occupied in them, and part of liberals stood up for preservation of barriers for the purpose of environment protection and the supporters consisting in labor unions.

Previously received figures and researches show the amount of the impact which is had by reduction of tariffs according to FTA and NAPHTHA, on growth rates of trade. The Canadian export to the USA grew to a bystra as in terms of money, and in volumes, in the sectors liberalized according to FTA and NAPHTHA (i.e. industrial mechanical engineering, textiles, consumer goods), than in sectors where tariffs already were low or equaled to zero. Import from the USA reflects similar tendencies (in particular in such areas as production of clothes, foodstuff and drinks, furniture, the transport equipment and goods house use.

The USA continue to remain both the largest foreign investor in Canada and the largest recipient of direct investments from Canada of which more than a half of all proceeding Canadian investments was the share.

In spite of the fact that it is difficult to consider development of the Agreement a section of only one of member countries, the emphasis in this work is placed on the analysis of the processes happening in Canada as this country, conceding in economic potential to the United States, considerably oprezhat in this regard Mexico. It gives the chance to estimate results which were brought by activity NAPHTHA in this region, without doing considerable discounts for indicators of economic development of the country and being, in a consequence of it, some kind of standard.